Community Rudi no Radio Station (CRS)



The Community Rudi no Radio Station (CRS) was initiated on 26 November 2009 from SEWA Academy's Manipur, Sanand Taluka. The Community Rudi no Radio Station is country’s 49th Radio Station. The CRS is broadcast on 90.4 Frequency and reaches 40 villages within 10 kms radius. The programme is broadcast from 9 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm daily. The radio station is run and managed by a team of community women.

The radio programmes cover various topics such as employment, income, nutrition, health, organizing, education, self reliance, environment, agriculture, housing, etc to generate awareness among communities. Our broadcast content comprises 8 themes, which are Saptrangi, Vadhamana, Rudu Upavan, Vadlo Bole Chhe, Killol, Rudi no Radio, Satvik Jivan, and Aakash Mare Aambavu Chhe. The Saptrangi programme includes folk music. The Vadhamana consists of best wishes for happy occasions. The Rudu Upavan is dedicated to women where she can talk about health, recipes, beauty care, trades and anything she wants to. The Vadlo Bole Chhe programme presents conversations with community elders, traditions, values, culture, history, etc. The Killol programme focuses on child development and ‘learn with fun’. The Rudi no Radio covers current issues related to community, local occupations, festivals, organic farming, etc. The Satvik Jivan covers recipes on traditional and nutritious diet. The Aakash Mare Aambavu Chhe programme focuses on youth and related topics.

The Community Rudi no Radio Station involves the community during various festivals, occasions and event celebrations to motivate community participation. Besides, some of the programmes are utilized for narrowcasting to generate wider outreach.




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